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Tom van Waas wins SPS best poster award

Tom van Waas in the middle with the other prize winners © Swiss Physical Society

At the 2022 SPS meeting, held in Fribourg in June, Tom van Waas won one of the three best poster awards for the work started as a MaNEP internship student in the group of Prof. Hugo Dil, EPFL. The title of the poster is “Bayesian inference on electron-boson interaction from ARPES self-energies” and deals with an efficient method to extract the self-energies and Eliashberg function from high resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) data.

“Tom did the main part of this work during a MaNEP internship. It’s a great program that allowes many promising researchers to start projects and see how science really works”, says Hugo Dil.

The two other prizes went to Lisa Sommer (IBM Research) and Jose Abraham Hernandez Sanchez (PSI) who are also on the picture.

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