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Summer internships

To encourage master students to pursue their career in physics, MaNEP offers them in their 3rd or 4th year of studies in physics the unique opportunity to spend one month in one of MaNEP’s top level research groups, between July and September. Since 2004, these internships have successfully encouraged several of the participants to envisage a more ambitious career in physics.

A financial support is allocated for the duration of the internship.

Applications 2024

Applications must be submitted by June 3rd, 2024 directly to the MaNEP member group leader of the university or institute. Find your MaNEP Group leader

For this edition, a full stipend will be granted to students who move to another institution for their internship than the one where they study, and  50% will be allocated to students who make the internship in their home institution.

There is a limited number of internships and they will be attributed on a first come first evaluated basis.

To register, the hosting group leader needs to send an email to with the following information about the student: full name, a short CV, address in Switzerland, project title and the one month period of the internship and bank account.

The group leader must also take care of the administrative procedure for declaring the trainee to his or her institution. The candidate must have an accident insurance (provided by the hosting institution) during the internship period.

The student will be paid after MaNEP have received a signed timesheet attesting the student’s work.

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