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MaNEP Switzerland is a fantastic resource for the industry, providing access to a large network of skilled scientists, experimental techniques, materials and know-how. MaNEP Switzerland is to be a facilitator in developing collaborations and novel synergies with industry.

MaNEP Switzerland is a gateway where industrial partners can gain access to state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in novel electronic materials and devices. MaNEP strives to:

  • Act as the link between academic research and industry
  • Identify promising applied technologies within the Network
  • Reinforce and develop industrial collaborations
  • Communicate and promote MaNEP Network cutting edge developments
  • Foster creativity, knowledge sharing and entrepreneurship
  • Provide training opportunities to young generations of researchers

MaNEP has been exploring opportunities to introduce some of the materials at the focus of fundamental studies into industrial applications, focusing on fields as diverse as : high-end instrumentation, micro- and nanoelectronics, energy production and storage, sensors and actuators, adaptive neutron supermirrors,  advanced coatings, metallurgy and thin films, microtechnology, tool machine industry, biomedical industry, watch industry, new materials and processes and many more.

Interested in collaborating with researchers of our network ?