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The Association brings together active scientists working in Swiss universities, institutes of technology, engineering high schools and industrial laboratories interested in the physics of novel quantum materials and devices.

Full Members: Individual professors and senior scientists holding a permanent position at an eligible Swiss institution or industrial laboratory.

Associate Members: PhD students, postdocs and scientific collaborators working at an eligible Swiss institution or industrial laboratory; Former full members of the Association who wish to continue to participate in the activities of the Association.

Member Benefits: Easy access to competences, materials and facilities within the network; Student exchange and training programmes; Support to organize and attend workshops, topical meetings and conferences; Increased visibility of your work; Stay informed about the Swiss scene in our field; Job forum, network building and much more.

Annual membership fees:
Full member  190 CHF
Associate member  40 CHF
For more information about the membership acceptance, please look up the statutes.

To submit your membership candidacy