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Jose Ferradas – 2021 recipient of the IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship in Applied Superconductivity

Jose Ferradas, PhD student in the group of Prof. Carmine Senatore with a position funded by CERN, is one of the six recipients of the 2021 IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship in Applied Superconductivity, with his research on the mechanical behavior of Nb3Sn-based accelerator magnets during a quench discharge.

The IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC) awards annually a fellowship to full-time graduate students pursuing a PhD degree in the area of applied superconductivity, at an accredited university of recognized standing worldwide. Award recipients are selected based upon the quality and the impact of their current research and the impact of their potential research in superconductivity.

The results of Jose’s research bring essential ingredients to the development of the new Nb3Sn quadrupole magnets (MQXF) for the High-Luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. These will be the first Nb3Sn-based magnets ever installed in a particle accelerator!

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