Newsletter n°37 - December 2018


As directly testified by this newsletter, 2018 has been a year rich in events and scientific discoveries for the MaNEP Network.
2019 promises also to be no less exciting, starting in particular with the Saas Fee MaNEP Winter School in January with a very beautiful program on Symmetry and Topology, two concepts that have become central in today’s condensed matter research.

Let me fist congratulate J. Fowlie and B. Hildebrand for their achievements, and thank L. Forro, B. Wehinger, J.H. Dil and P. Moll for their contributions to the newsletter. Besides the individual aspects of each contribution, the ensemble strikingly shows how central material science is in our capacity to find new physical phenomena. It also shows how our search for new materials has acquired many new facets besides the bulk aspect of materials. In addition to the richness of the creation of the material itself, the capacity to hunt for new physics at the mesoscale, or at interfaces, coupled of course to our increased capacity to probe (and compute!), is the cornucopia of new discoveries.

This constant evolution and enrichment of course contributes to the very strong research activity, as seen in the publication section, and I thank our colleagues for sharing their highlights with us. No doubt that we can prepare for a few new surprises and breakthroughs in the year 2019 as well!

In the meantime I wish you all an excellent holiday season, a year 2019 rich in scientific excitement, and look forward to seeing you again at the various MaNEP events in 2019!

Thierry Giamarchi

What's new ?

A Subside tremplin for Jennifer Fowlie

Congratulations to Jennifer Fowlie in the group of Jean-Marc Triscone at UNIGE who obtained a Subside tremplin. This subside allows female researchers from the UNIGE wishing to pursue an academic career ...

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Baptiste Hildebrand awarded

Congratulations to Baptiste Hildebrand from UNIFR who received the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation scientific prize for his outstanding work in physics. This prize promotes ...

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SWM 2018
A key event

More than 150 physicists and material scientists joined the 12th edition of SWM in Les Diablerets showing that this meeting continues to be a key event for the Swiss quantum matter community.
The workshop, held over …

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MaNEP at Annual Meeting 2019 of SPS and ÖPG

The next joint SPS-ÖPG Annual Meeting will take place at the University of Zürich, in the week of 26-30 August 2019. Save the date! MaNEP will again contribute, with a special session coordinated by ...

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iWOE celebrates its 25th edition

240 scientists - including MaNEP members - gathered in Les Diablerets from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2018 for the 25th edition of the international Workshop on Oxide Electronics ...

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Scientific perspective

Single crystal growth in Switzerland – a flash back and outlook

by Prof. László Forró, EPFL
Materials are the linchpin of technological progress. All energy related applications like photovoltaics, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, (harvesting, storing and transmitting) heavily depend on new, more performant materials. Even the success of energy production by nuclear fusion crucially relies on finding compounds that can withstand high doses of irradiation. Information technologies are another huge field which are seeking for new materials. Their discovery and in-depth characterization happens in single crystalline form. This strategy has already been recognized since a long time ago in Switzerland, and a short summary is given, with some thoughts about future trends. …

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Scientific highlights

Quantum Magnets under Pressure

by Björn Wehinger, UNIGE, PSI
Quantum magnets have evolved over the past decade into systems of large interest in fundamental and, increasingly, in applied physics. Their exceptional properties, including non-magnetic ground states, fractionalised excitations and topological order, have become candidate resources for quantum information and computing. Application in spintronic...

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Operando imaging of all-electric spin texture manipulation in ferroelectric and multiferroic Rashba semiconductors

by Jan Hugo Dil, EPFL
The control of the electron spin in functional materials by an external electric field is a key issue for spintronic devices. Because the spin is not directly influenced by a realistic electric field, the coupling has to be indirect and thus especially ferroelectric and multiferroic materials bear large promise. Using spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (SARPES) with three-dimensional spin detection and...

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Highlight publications

Discover more MaNEP Network's research and innovations through other publication highlights.
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Talk with Philip Moll
MaNEP Member, Professor at EPFL and research group leader at
Max Planck Institute

Please tell us about your main research interests during these last years ?
I am fascinated by materials in which the physical properties strongly depend on size and shape of a sample, especially in the context of strongly interacting electron systems and topological materials. In new and chemically complex materials, one rarely has the luxury to work with large scale crystalline samples …
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Upcoming events

MaNEP Winter School
January, 13-18, 2019, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

13th Int. Symposium Hydrogen & Energy
January, 20-25, 2019, South Korea

17th International Summer School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG17)
July, 21-26, 2019, Grady, Colorado, USA

19th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ICCGE19)
July, 28 - August 2, 2019, Keystone, Colorado, USA

SPS meeting
August, 26 - 30, 2019, University of Zürich
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