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Johann Blatter and Vadim Geshkenbein receive the 2017 international Abrikosov Prize

Congratulation to Johann Blatter and Vadim Geshkenbein, from ETHZ and both members of MaNEP, who received the 2017 international Abrikosov Prize in Vortex for their contribution to the field of Vortex Physics.

This prize rewards outstanding achievements in the basic science of vortex behavior and correlated topics.

Johann W. Blatter, Mikhail V. Feigel’man, Vadim B. Geshkenbein and Valerii M. Vinokur are awarded “for the development of pioneering concepts describing vortex matter in type II superconductors including theories of collective pinning and dynamics, for their seminal work establishing the theoretical foundations of vortex physics, and for sustained contributions to superconductivity and condensed matter physics“.

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