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Jose Ferradas Troitino received the Best Student Paper Price in Materials and the Victor Keilin Memorial Award at ASC2020

Jose Ferradas Troitino, PhD student in the group of Prof. Carmine Senatore with a position funded by CERN, was awarded with the Best Student Paper Price in the category Materials and the Victor Keilin Memorial Award at the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC2020), which is the most important event in the field of superconductivity and its applications with over 1’500 participants.

Jose’s activity focuses on the next generation accelerator magnets based on Nb3Sn, which represent a novel paradigm in view of particle colliders with increased luminosity and energy. The research presented at ASC 2020 brings new insights into the mechanisms behind the degradation of the critical current of Nb3Sn wires under mechanical loads. The degradation of the superconductor performance due to the electromagnetic stresses is a parameter with a profound impact on the magnet design. The results of Jose’s work provide key elements to assess the engineering margins for design and operation of accelerator magnets based on Nb3Sn.

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