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Dirk van der Marel named APS « Outstanding Referee »

photo: L. Windels / UNIGE

Congratulations to Dirk van der Marel who has been named APS “Outstanding Referee”.

The American Physical Society (APS) has selected 147 Outstanding Referees for 2018 that have demonstrated exceptional work in the assessment of manuscripts published in the Physical Review journals. A full list of the Outstanding Referees is available online.

This highly selective Outstanding Referee program annually recognizes approximately 150 of the 60’000 currently active referees for their invaluable work. Comparable to Fellowship in the APS and other organizations, this is a lifetime award.

The basis for the Outstanding Referees selection takes into account the quality, number and timeliness of a referee’s reports, without regard for membership in the APS, country of origin, or field of research.

The Outstanding Referees are to be congratulated and thanked for their outstanding service to the physics community.

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