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Selected publications – November 2021 to June 2022 

A perfect X-ray beam splitter and its applications to time-domain interferometry and quantum optics exploiting free-electron lasers

S. Reiche, G. Knopp, B. Pedrini, E. Prat, G. Aeppli, and S. Gerber

PNAS 119, e2117906119 (2022)

Heating-Induced Performance Degradation of REBa2Cu3O7–x Coated Conductors: An Oxygen Out-Diffusion Scenario with Two Activation Energies

M. Bonura, P. Cayado, K. Konstantopoulou, M. Alessandrini, and C. Senatore

ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2022, 4, 3, 1318–1326

Expanded solid-solution behavior and charge-discharge asymmetry in NaxCrO2 Na-ion battery electrodes

C. L. Jakobsen, M. Brighi, B. P. Andersen, G. Ducrest, R. Černý, D. B. Ravnsbæk

J. Power Sources (2022), 535, 231317

Enhanced Room-Temperature Ionic Conductivity of NaCB11H12 via High-Energy Mechanical Milling

F. Murgia, M. Brighi, L. Piveteau, C. E. Avalos, V. Gulino, M. C. Nierstenhöfer, P. Ngene, P. de Jongh, and R. Černý

Appl. Materials Interfaces (2021), 13, 61346-61356

Mechanical Behavior and Dendrite Resistance of closo-Hydroborate Solid Electrolyte

M. Brighi,F. Murgia,R. Černý

Adv. Materials Interfaces (2022), 9, 202101254

Structural Phase Transitions in closo-Dicarbadodecaboranes C2B10H12

M. Brighi, F. Murgia, Z. Łodziana, and R. Černý

Inorg. Chem. (2022), 61, 5813-5823

Unveiling unequivocal charge stripe order in a prototypical cuprate superconductor

J. Choi, Q. Wang, S. Jöhr, N. B. Christensen, J. Küspert, D. Bucher, D. Biscette, M. H. Fischer, M. Hücker, T. Kurosawa, N. Momono, M. Oda, O. Ivashko, M. v. Zimmermann, M. Janoschek, and J. Chang

Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 207002 (2022)

Generation of Tunable Stochastic Sequences Using the Insulator–Metal Transition

J. del Valle, P. Salev, S. Gariglio, Y. Kalcheim, I. K. Schuller, and J.-M. Triscone

Nano Lett. 2022, 22, 3, 1251–1256

Observing Dynamical Currents in a Non-Hermitian Momentum Lattice

R. Rosa-Medina, F. Ferri, F. Finger, N. Dogra, K. Kroeger, R. Lin, R. Chitra, T. Donner, and T. Esslinger

Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 143602, (2022)

Rich Nature of Van Hove singularities in Kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5

Y. Hu, X. Wu, B. R. Oritz, S. Ju, X. Han, J. Ma, N. C. Plumb, M. Radovic, R. Thomale, S. D. Wilson, A. P. Schnyder, M. Shi

Nature Communications 13, 2220 (2022)

Topological surface states and flat bands in the kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5

Y. Hu, Samuel M. L. Teicher, B, R. Oritz, Y. Luo, S. Peng, L. Huai, J. Ma, N. C. Plumb, S. D. Wilson, J. He, M. Shi

Science Bulletin 67, 495 (2022)

Giant Chern number of a Weyl nodal surface without upper limit

J.-Z. Ma, S.-N. Zhang, J. P. Song, Q.-S. Wu, S. A. Ekahana, M. Naamneh, M. Radovic, V. N. Strocov, S.-Y. Gao, T. Qian, H. Ding, K. He, K. Manna, C. Felser, N. C. Plumb, O. V. Yazyev, Y.-M. Xiong, and M. Shi

Phys. Rev. B 105, 115118, 2022

Multiple mobile excitons manifested as sidebands in quasi-one-dimensional metallic TaSe3

J. -Z. Ma, S. Nie, X. Gui, M. Naamneh, J. Jandke, C. Xi, J. Zhang, T. Shang, Y. Xiong, I. Kspon, N. Kumar, Y. Soh, D. Gosalbez-Martinez, O. V. Yazyev, W. Fan, H. Hubener, U. de Giovannini, N. C. Plumb, M. Radovic, M. A. Sentef, W. Xie, Z. Wang, C. Mudry, M. Muller, M. Shi

Nature Materials 21, 423 (2022)

Weak ferromagnetism linked to the high-temperature spiral phase of YBaCuFeO5

J. Lyu, M. Morin, T. Shang, M. T. Fernández-Díaz, and M. Medarde

Phys. Rev. Research 4, 023008

Crystal growth and structure of a high temperature polymorph of Sr2TiO4 with tetrahedral Ti-coordination, and transition to the Ruddlesden–Popper tetragonal phase

D. Pulmannová, C. Besnard, P. Bezdička, M. Hadjimichael, J. Teyssier, and E. Giannini

CrystEngComm, 2022, Advance Article

Effects of strain in multiorbital superconductors: The case of Sr2RuO4

S. Beck, A. Hampel, M. Zingl, C. Timm, and A. Ramires

Phys. Rev. Research 4, 023060, 2022

Isotope tuning of the superconducting dome of strontium titanate

C. W. Rischau, D. Pulmannová, G. W. Scheerer, A. Stucky, E. Giannini, and D. van der Marel

Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013019, (2022)

Solitonic excitations in the Ising anisotropic chain BaCo2V2O8 under large transverse magnetic field

Q. Faure, S. Takayoshi, B. Grenier, S. Petit, S. Raymond, M. Boehm, P. Lejay, T.Giamarchi, and V. Simonet

Phys. Rev. Research 3, 043227, 2021

Uniaxial pressure induced stripe order rotation in La1.88Sr0.12CuO4

Q. Wang, K. von Arx, D. G. Mazzone, S. Mustafi, M. Horio, J. Küspert, J. Choi, D. Bucher, H. Wo, J. Zhao, W. Zhang, T. C. Asmara, Y. Sassa, M. Månsson, N. B. Christensen, M. Janoschek, T. Kurosawa, N. Momono, M. Oda, M. H. Fischer, T. Schmitt, and J. Chang

Nature Communications 13, 1795 (2022)