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MaNEP Materials Discovery Workshop and Forum Meeting at the University of Bern

Frank Lichtenberg (ETHZ) und Enrico Giannini (UniGe) discussing the secrets of preparing feed rods for TSFZ growth.

The MaNEP Network met at the University of Bern, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for a Workshop on Materials Discovery and its annual Forum Meeting. During the workshop the principle investigators of six leading materials discovery and synthesis groups at the Paul Scherrer Institute, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich and the Universities of Geneva, Zurich and Bern presented their activities and plans for future development, followed by presentations of computational activities in the same area at EPF Lausanne and within NCCR Marvel. The community discussed potential future joint initiatives and the role of MaNEP. During the Forum Meeting the association decided about its activities and budget for 2020 and elected its executive board including two new members: Prof. Christian Bernhard, University of Fribourg, and Prof. Steve Johnson, ETH Zurich.

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