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Inauguration of the Scienscope

The Scienscope of the Faculty of Science at Université de Genève was inaugurated on October 5th, 2021. It consists of seven new spaces dedicated to the discovery of the sciences taught and studied in the Faculty.

With more than 35’000 visitors each year, the UNIGE Scienscope is open to primary and secondary I and II classes, both public and private, as well as to extracurricular activities.

As a scientific mediation center of the Faculty of Science, this platform includes: the Astroscope, the Bioscope, BiOutils, the Chimiscope, the Infoscope, the Mathscope, the Physiscope and the Terrascope, in which young researchers of the UNIGE lead interactive workshops and carry out original experiments. The objective ? To make science accessible to all, to question, to surprise, to amuse through edutainment activities. The Scienscope aims to stimulate the interest of younger generations in science and to promote scientific literacy among the public.

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© photo credit  Sara Forestier – UNIGE and Carla da Silva

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