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8th MaNEP winter school took place in Saas Fee

On the 3rd week of January 2019, 67 participants forming a broad distribution from the Swiss universities, together with a fair 20% of foreign attendees, were welcomed by the Zurbriggen family in Saas Fee for the 8th MaNEP winter school. The program committee lead by Johan Chang had cooked up an attractive program around the trendy themes of symmetry and topology in condensed matter. The invited speakers efficiently introduced these somewhat difficult theoretical notions and illustrated them by various experiments.

On the leisure side, the organizers had planned two mornings of free time rather than a full day in order to maximize the chances of having good weather for skiing. We ended up enjoying two sunny mornings on the slopes or elsewhere. On Wednesday evening, Markus Müller on the violin and Dirk van der Marel on the piano offered their expert interpretation of Beethoven’s violin sonata no 5.

The organizers acknowledge the positive attitude of all participants and the excellent atmosphere they provided to the school. Our special thanks go to the teachers who shared their knowledge with passion. With a 100% of positive answers to the question “Would you recommend the MaNEP Winter School to other students?”, we are confident that the school was a success and look forward to the next one.

By Christophe Berthod, UNIGE

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