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4th PSI Condensed Matter Summer Camp 2023


The PSI Summer Camp 2023 with the title “2D Materials: insights and opportunities at large scale facilities” will take place at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, located in the mountainous area of Switzerland, from August 6 to 11, 2023.

The PSI Summer Camp aims to provide a forum for leading scientists to meet and discuss the fundamental aspects and open questions of current scientific interest. It follows a more than 20-year tradition to hold condensed matter schools at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, that provides a lively and informal environment for scientific discussions. 

The talks will include introductions to the research fields, an overview of the current research frontier and also recent research highlights of the speakers. The camp should thus be of high interest to PhD students and established scientists alike. There will be the possibility for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to present their work in a poster session.

It will cover the following areas:

– Superconductivity in the 2D limit

– Charge and spin density wave instabilities in 2D materials

– Topological transport and electronic structure in two dimensions

– Twisted bilayers and freestanding heterostructures 

– Ferromagnets in two dimensions

– 2D Magnetism and spin liquids

– Novel methods to probe materials in two dimensions

– Devices based on 2D materials

– Multiferroic and magneto-electric oxides

– Out-of-equilibrium in 2D materials  

Registration deadline is 19 May 2023

More information

The talks will be invited lectures of 45 minutes by leading experts in the field.

Confirmed Invited speakers:

Annica Black-Schaffer, Uppsala University

Liang Fu, MIT

Joe Checkelsky, MIT

Claude Monney, University of Fribourg

Vidya Madhavan, UIUC

Ming Yi, Rice

Dmitri Efetov, Barcelona

Nini Pryds, Technical University of Denmark

Xavier Roy, Columbia

Stas Nikitin, PSI

Zurab Guguichia, PSI

Je-Geun Park, Seoul National University

Lucy Clark, Birmingham

Stephen Blundell, University of Oxford

Dragan Mihailovic (JSI / Uni Lujubljana)

Adina Luican-Mayer, Ottawa

(Helen) Qing He, Durham University

Andrea Caviglia, Uni Geneva

Hope Bretscher, Hamburg


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