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Workshop “Challenges and perspectives in resonator-mediated many-body physics: From atoms to solid state” at ETH Zürich Hönggerberg, Switzerland

The aim of this workshop is to bring together world-leading experts at the forefront of experiment and theory of many-body physics with interactions mediated and enabled by resonators, both in the microwave and the optical regimes. We want to explore new frontiers, perspectives and promises of cavity-mediated physics, in particular with a view toward coupling solid state materials (doped ions in magnetic insulators or semiconductors, both promising platforms for quantum information processing) and optically trapped systems to coherent EM fields. Apart from overview talks by leading experts a strong emphasis will be put on discussions of concepts, perspectives and open challenges with the aim of transferring ideas from one sub-area of research or resonator platform to others. 

There is no registration fee. For more information and poster registration:

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