MaNEP Newsletter n°42
Christian Bernhard
Dear colleagues, dear members of the MaNEP association,
It has been a long time that we have not been able to meet in person to discuss our new results and ideas and also to chat over private matters. For two consecutive years, the Covid crisis has forced us to cancel our major activities, like the MaNEP workshop and winter school. The central task of MaNEP, to foster the interaction between the Swiss researchers working on quantum materials and to integrate and educate our young colleagues, thus has been jeopardized.

In the meantime, we have continued our work with limited contact to our colleagues hoping for the “light at the end of the tunnel”. This unexpected experience has taught us just how important a well-connected research community is to the success of our work. So far, it seems that we have managed to remain productive, as is also evident from the exciting research highlights and the prize awards that are reported in this newsletter.
In the near future, I am convinced that the MaNEP network and its various activities will be needed more than ever in order to restore the direct contact between colleagues and thus enhance discussions and the exchange of ideas. This will be especially important for our young colleagues for some of which a regular workshop will be an entirely new experience. In addition to online workshops, see e.g. the one on van der Waals material on June 24th, we are therefore planning for a regular Winter School in Saas-Fee in January 2022 and a MaNEP workshop in Les Diablerets in August 2022.
I am certainly looking forward to seeing all of you in person and to chat with you over a coffee or other preferred beverages !

Christian Bernhard
University of Fribourg

What's new ?

Van der Waals Materials Workshop

VdW workshop
To stimulate research col-laborations in Switzerland, MaNEP organizes one-day or half-day workshops. The second MaNEP Van der Waals Materials Workshop will be held online on June 24th, 2021, from 12h45 to 17h. The Van der Waals Materials Workshop series’ main purpose is to keep each other informed of the latest Swiss developments in this field. To register, please fill the online form before June 22nd, 2021.

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MaNEP Winter School 2022

Winter school
We are glad to inform our members that the MaNEP Winter School is scheduled for January 16th to 21st, 2022 in Saas-Fee. This 9th edition of the school series, initially planned for January 2021 and delayed due to the pandemic, offers an unchanged program entitled “Hot topics in driven, two-dimensional, and topological matter”.

The registrations are open.

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Swiss Workshop on Materials 2022

SWM Diablerets
The next MaNEP Swiss Workshop on Materials with novel electronic properties is planned on August 29th-31st, 2022 in Les Diablerets. Save the date ! Due to the persistence of the Covid-19 situation, the 2021 session is cancelled.

Updated information will be posted.

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Claribel Dominguez obtained a UNIGE Subside Tremplin

Claribel Dominguez in the group of Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone, University of Geneva, obtained a UNIGE Subside Tremplin. Claribel is finishing her PhD working on nickelate superlattices where an interesting coupling mechanism was found in structures made of two nickelates with different metal-insulator transition temperatures. A paper recently published in Nature Materials.

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Claribel Dominguez

Aline Ramires received the UBC Science Early Career Award

Aline Ramires, junior group leader and Ambizione Fellow at the Paul Scherrer Institute, received the Science Early Career Invited Lecture Award from the University of British Columbia. Aline was nominated to the award for her recent key contributions to the understanding of unconventional superconductivity in complex quantum materials from a microscopic perspective.

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Aline Ramires

Philippe Tückmantel received the Springer Theses Prize

The thesis of Philippe Tückmantel entitled "Scanning Probe Studies of Structural and Functional Properties of Ferroelectric Domains and Domain Walls", supervised by Prof. Patrycja Paruch, UNIGE, was recognised by a Springer Theses prize and published in the Springer Theses series. It brings together a selection of the very best PhD theses from around the world and across the physical sciences.

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Philippe Tuckmantel

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Scientific perspective

Novel Materials Research Enabled by SwissFEL

By Simon Gerber, Henrik Lemke, Luc Patthey, Urs Staub and Cristian Svetina, PSI
The X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL [1] is PSI’s latest large-scale facility, serves several research areas and is complementary to the other accelerator-based photon source, the Swiss Light Source (SLS) synchrotron [2]. For condensed matter research, SwissFEL operates the Bernina endstation [3] at the hard X-ray Aramis beamline. In addition, the Cristallina endstation [4] is under construction, serving in parts also condensed matter research, as well as, the Furka endstation [5] at the soft X-ray Athos beamline. Here we provide a short overview of the status of the current instrumentation, describe two experiments from the operational Bernina endstation, and close with an outlook. An overview of future directions in X-ray science is found in the recently published Photon Science Roadmap [6] composed by the Swiss Society for Photon Science.

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Scientific highlights

Laser-induced transient magnons in Sr3Ir2O7 throughout the Brillouin zone

Highlight 1
By Daniel Mazzone, PSI
Ultrafast manipulation of magnetic states holds great promise for progress in our understanding of new quantum states and technical applications. Increasing experimental evidence has shown in recent years that magnetism is suppressed by photodoping, but the exact nature of the spin configuration in such transient states and its evolution in time is largely unclear.

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A quantum magnetic analogue to the critical point of water

Highlight 2
By Frédéric Mila, EPFL
In 1822, almost two centuries ago, a French engineer Charles Cagniard de la Tour discovered that above a pressure of 221 bar water does not boil anymore, but forms a single phase that evolves smoothly from densities typical of water at low temperature to densities typical of the gas phase at high temperature.

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Highlights publications

Discover more MaNEP Network's research and innovations trough other publication highlights.
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Talk with Fabian von Rohr, Professor, UZH

Fabian von Rohr
What made you decide to become a materials researcher ?
Materials are an integral part of modern society. New materials can have a profound impact on our lives, and they are an indispensable component for technological progress. Inventing them has always sparked a particular fascination for me. This fascination still drives me today when we look for the most complex materials of all, quantum materials. Emergent, collective quantum states remain incredibly difficult to predict, which makes their discovery all the more interesting.

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Upcoming events

Van der Waals Materials Workshop
June 24, 2021, Online

Cold Atom Predoc School in Les Houches
September 13 - 24, 2021, Les Houches, France

MaNEP Winter School
January 16 - 22, 2022, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Swiss Workshop on Materials with novel electronic properties (SWM)
August 29 - 31, 2022, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

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