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MaNEP Newsletter n°47 - March 2024
Thierry Giamarchi
Dear colleagues, dear members of the MaNEP association,
It is a pleasure to present to you – with a little delay – this newsletter, with a slightly different format than usual: less news and more highlights and publications. Many thanks to all that contributed to this newsletter. For the nostalgic of the previous format, don’t worry we’ll be back to it for the next newsletter.
As you will discover through the highlights and publications, the last eight months have been very rich in truly excellent research.
It was also a pleasure to see several of our colleagues’ work, from faculty to students, to be recognized by participating in key meetings for technologies and/or be rewarded by several distinctions and prizes. Congratulations to all of them for their outstanding work, talent and enthusiasm.
Unfortunately, not all news is good, and we had the sadness to learn in August 2023 of the passing away of our colleague and friend Dionys Baeriswyl. Dionys was a leading force in the field of theoretical correlated systems and a central player both in Fribourg, his home institution and of course in the MaNEP NCCR and then association. The tribute in this newsletter will be an occasion for the younger to know a little bit about this wonderful colleague.
We will also have the pleasure this year of meeting again (at a slightly different time than usual) in les Diablerets for the 2024 edition of SWM with a wonderful list of speakers put together by C. Bernhard and the scientific committee. Don’t forget of course to register for the conference.
As usual we will have this summer our sponsored internships, a great occasion for students to discover what life in a lab can be, and of course several more specialized conferences related to the core activity of MaNEP.
So, as you can see the activity is going strongly, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you this summer. Meanwhile enjoy reading the current newsletter and have enjoyable and productive research months.

With best wishes,

Thierry Giamarchi
University of Geneva

What's new ?

SWM 2024

SWM 2024
We are glad to announce that the new edition of the Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties will take place in Les Diablerets from August 14th to 16th, 2024. The meeting will bring together researchers working in Switzerland in this field. It is open to all interested scientists, engineers and students, and gather MaNEP Network members. Register before April 12, 2024.

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MaNEP Summer Internships 2024

Summer Internships
MaNEP offers 3rd and 4th year physics students the unique opportunity to work for a month this summer in one of the top research teams affiliated to the MaNEP Network, while receiving a financial support. Interested ? Click below for more details and apply before June 3rd, 2024.

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Innovative materials to combat bacteria

Innovative materials
A UNIGE team is developing new alloys with bactericidal properties to combat antibiotic-resistant germs. While crucial to biotechnology, bacteria can also cause severe disease, exacerbated by their increasing resistance to antibiotics. This duality between economic benefits and infectious risks underlines the importance of finding ways to control their development.

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A meeting of the IEA on High Temperature Superconductors

The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s Technology Collaboration Program on High Temperature Superconductors (IEA HTS TCP) convened in Geneva at the Villa Hardt, for a three-day meeting in September 2023. The HTS TCP’s mission is to assess the current state and analyze the future potential of high-temperature superconductors in the electric power sector.

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Tribute to the memory of Dionys Baeriswyl

Dionys Baeriswyl
We deeply regret to inform you that our colleague Dionys has passed away on August 9, 2023, after a courageous battle against an insidious disease. Right up to the time of his hospitalization, Dionys was still passionately pursuing his research in theoretical physics. He continued his work even in hospital where he finalized a paper on the formation of quartets in fermion systems.

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Gianmarco Bovone – 2023 recipient of the Jan Evetts Award

Gianmarco Bovone, Postdoc in the UNIGE’s group of Applied Superconductivity is one of the three recipients of the 2023 Jan Evetts Award at the EUCAS 2023 conference. This award recognizes excellent work published in Superconductivity Science and Technology by early career researchers. Gianmarco received his award for the paper “Effects of the oxygen source configuration on the superconducting properties of internally-oxidized internal-Sn Nb3Sn wires”.

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Gianmarco Bovone

Jean-Philippe Brantut received the 2023 Latsis University Prize

The Latsis 2023 University Prize, which rewards exceptional young researchers for their significant scientific and technological contributions in Switzerland, has been awarded to Professor Jean-Philippe Brantut, EPFL. This Prize recognizes Jean-Philippe Brantut's pioneering research in the field of quantum gases and quantum optics.

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Jean-Philippe Brantut

Francesco Lonardo received the Best Student Award at the MT-28 conference

Francesco Lonardo, PhD student in the group of Applied Superconductivity, UNIGE, was one of the recipients of the Best Student Award at the 28th International Magnet Technology Conference (MT-28). The work of Francesco on the “Influence of the heat treatment on the layer-JC of internal-Sn Nb3Sn wires with internally oxide nanoparticles” was selected as one of the three best student contributions on accelerator magnet technologies at the MT28 conference.

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Francesco Lonardo

Carlota Pereira – 2023 recipient of the IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship in Applied Superconductivity

Carlota Pereira Carlos, PhD student in the group of Applied Superconductivity at UNIGE with a position funded by CERN, is one of the recipients of the 2022 IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship in Applied Superconductivity, with her research on the development of high-performance Nb thin film coatings for Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) cavities.

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Carlota Pereira

RefFIT wins a Venture Kick’s grant

RefFit, an initiative from the University of Geneva, wins the third stage of Venture Kick and is rewarded for the development of software for the analysis of spectroscopic data of materials. This software provides solutions for users without requiring expert training, facilitates the exploitation and thus reduces time and costs in data analysis and model development.

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Carmine Senatore maps superconductivity technologies for the World Economic Forum

Carmine Senatore is the first UNIGE expert to collaborate with the World Economic Forum on a "transformation map". His mission: to raise the profile of superconducting technologies in economic and political circles. Six years ago, the World Economic Forum set up a platform called "Strategic Intelligence".

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Maps superconductivity

Clémentine Thibault received the "Best Presentation award" at the IWOE29

Clémentine Thibault, PhD in the UNIGE’s group of Oxides Interfaces Physics received the prize : “Best Presentation award” for her poster : “Coupling oxygen octahedra rotation in orthorhombic perovskite heterostructures: The LaVO3/DyScO3 case” at the International Workshop on Oxide Electronics 29 (IWOE29) in Busan, Korea in October 2023.

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Clémentine Thibault

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Scientific highlights

Efficient magnetic switching in a correlated spin glass

Efficient magnetic
By Hugo Dil, EPFL

The interplay and competition between spin-orbit interaction and magnetic order is the basis for many novel physical phenomena and forms one of the most active research fields in condensed matter physics. It is an essential ingredient in the search for materials with novel, and tunable, electronic and spin properties.

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Imaging slow electrons in a Moiré’ semiconductor

Imaging slow electrons
By Gianmarco Gatti and Felix Baumberger, UNIGE

Moiré semiconductors, obtained by twisting two monolayers transition metal dichalcogenides, emerged as versatile platforms for the investigation of correlated phases at low carrier densities, offering a novel perspective for understanding many-body interactions.

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EuCd2As2: A Magnetic Semiconductor

By David Santos-Cottin, UNIFR

Weyl semimetals are an exciting new group of materials, showing unique signatures in their transport and optical behavior, inherited from their distinct topological features. The presence of nodes in the electronic band structure of Weyl semimetals makes their electrons behave as if they are massless, and this leads to several interesting properties.

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Highlights publications

Discover more MaNEP Network's research and innovations trough other publication highlights.
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Electrons, Photons and Plasmons 2024
June 10-12, 2024, Nyon, Switzerland

SWM 2024
August 14-16, 2024, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

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